5.99 Giant Pretzel – Amazing baked pretzel served with a side of our Guinness cheese.

7.99 Irish Nachos – Tortilla chips with Guinness cheese, sour cream, bacon and green onions.
Make it a meal and add grilled chicken for $2.

7.99 English Sausage Rolls – Sage pork sausage rolled in puff pastry and served with Dijon mustard dipping sauce.

7.99 Londonderry Fries – Our baked curly fries covered in Guinness cheese and bacon.

10.99 Flat Reuben – Our spectacular corned beef, sauerkraut, and sauce on a gluten-free thin crust and smothered with Swiss cheese.

7.99 Potato Skins—Premium potato skins with bacon (or chicken) & cheese.
(Reuben style $1 extra)

6.99 Potato Cakes—3 Old fashioned potato cakes complimented with sour cream or Guinness Cheese and sprinkled with parsley.


5.49 French Onion Soup – topped with a Holland Rusk and provolone. Served with
bakery bread

5.49  Soup of the day
(ask your server for details) Served with bakery bread.

5.99 Cabáiste – chopped cabbage, green onions, almonds and a tangy vinaigrette

8.99 Galway Greens – Mixed greens with diced Roma tomatoes, English cucumbers,
dried cranberries, cashews, oregano and Gorgonzola cheese.
- Add grilled chicken or curry chicken salad for just $3.00 or salmon for $4.00 –


Served with crisps (sweet potato or wavy chips) and pickle on request

10.99 Classic Reuben
– Described by our guests as “the best Reuben in the tri-state”! Slow cooked corn beef stacked on marbled Rye with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and sauce, served toasted

9.99 Curry Chicken Salad
– Chicken salad with a twist! Sweet curry and cranberries
complete this recipe. Served on honey whole wheat bread with romaine lettuce.

9.99 Finnegan’s Fish Sandwich
– Beer-battered cod with provolone cheese and our special sauce served on a lightly toasted Kaiser roll.

7.99 Buffle O’Chicken Sandwich – Our crispy all-white meat chicken tenders covered in ourhomemade buffalo sauce and topped with provolone cheese on a Kaiser roll.

Pub Dinners

11.99 Shepherd’s Pie – A hearty serving of a pub classic! Ground sirloin in gravy with carrots, corn, onions, and peas. Topped with garlic mashed potatoes and Irish cheddar cheese, served with a side vegetable.

12.99 Corn Beef and Cabbage – A good Irish menu would never leave out this traditional dish. Slow roasted corn beef in our own spices served with cabbage, carrots, red potatoes and a side of Dijon mustard.

10.99 Irish Pasty – A staple for generations. These hearty stuffed pastries of meat and
vegetables were often prepared by wives for their husbands to take to the fields.
Ask your server for availability of pork, lamb, corn beef or veggie.

9.99 Fowler's Pie – Imagine your mom's chicken pot pie...Creamy all-white meat chicken pie with peas, carrots and a puff pastry crust. Steamed broccoli side.

9.99 Fish and Chips
– A pub is not complete without beer battered Cod fillets served with chips (fries), Cole slaw, and tartar sauce for dipping.

10.99 Bangers and Mash – An Irish favorite…Guinness marinated sausages served with garlic mashed potatoes, traditional brown onion gravy and steamed vegetable. Garnished with cranberry sauce.

8.99 Goliath Beans – A meal fit for a giant and it goes down just as easy! Mediterranean butter beans slow cooked in a sumptuous tomato, garlic and parsley sauce. Served with a side vegetable and crusty loaf.

10.99 Meat and Gravy – An Irish take on a Swedish meal in honor of the Parson's wife. Meatballs and onion gravy with mashed potatoes or chips (fries) and a side vegetable. Garnished with cranberry sauce.

8.99 Miller's Gold – Four crispy all white meat chicken fingers baked to a golden brown. Served with fries and our signature coleslaw.

8.99 The Dubliner – Our own burger…thick, juicy, Angus beef, topped with melted cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. Served with chips (fries) and cole slaw.

Add: Jalapenos, Swiss cheese, Provolone cheese, Sauerkraut, Guinness cheese - $.50 each

Add an extra patty for $2.00

9.99 Shepherd’s Pie Pocket—Our delicious shepherd’s Pie ingredients stuffed in a flaky outer crust and served with two sides

Pub Lunches
Smaller portions of our Supper favorites (11a.m to 4 p.m.)

9.99 Shepherd’s Pie
– served with toasted bread

10.99 Corn Beef and Cabbage – with carrots, potatoes, and mustard

8.99 Fowler’s Pie – Home-style chicken pot pie

7.99 Fish and Chips
– served with chips (fries)

6.99 Goliath Beans – served with a crusty loaf

7.99 Miller's Gold – served with chips (fries)

6.99 The Dubliner Burger – served with chips (fries) or crisps (chips)

8.99 Meat & Gravy-meatballs & mashed potatoes with Irish gravy & bread

9.99 Bangers & Mash
-premium sausages marinated in Guinness, served
with garlic mashed potatoes & toasted bread.

For the Wee Ones ($4.50 each)

Fish and Chips
—One Cod filet and fries

Bangers & Mash—One Traditional Banger (sausage) with mashed potatoes

Miller’s Gold—Two tender chicken tenders with fries


Soft Drinks, Sweet or Unsweet Iced Tea, Coffee, Milk or Hot Tea $1.99

Irish Coffee $5.99

The largest craft beer selection in the region.

A lovely selection of wines for the discriminating palate.


4.99 Guinness Chocolate Cake – Made fresh in-house with cream cheese icing.

4.99 English Whipped Pudding – Creamy, fluffy and delicious. Served with a
Walker's shortbread cookie.

4.99 Irish Cream Pie – Flaky puff pastry served with our English pudding
and drizzled in chocolate.

The Parson's Pub
19 Tennessee St.


Our Menu

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