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Are you a genius? Prove it by finding the missing number in less than 30 seconds!

Feel free to test this logic game to see how smart you are.

If you think you’re an ace at being fast and clever, then this is the challenge for you. Test your math puzzle-solving skills and find out what number is missing from the picture.

Ready to amaze us? Let’s go! Beware, it’s not easy to find the right answer without exceeding the 30 seconds time limit.

How to solve this mathematical challenge?

To start, take a good look at the image below. You will notice that a number is missing in the sequence. It’s your job to find out which element it is.

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Be sure to analyze each number and especially to make the connection between them. Use your concentration since you will only have 30 seconds to solve the puzzle.

What is the purpose of this type of logic test?

It is important to keep in mind that it is not only about solving mathematical or arithmetic calculations. It is also about reasoning and finding your common sense.

Indeed, solving this kind of challenge helps not only to pass the time but also to be logical in everything you do in your daily life. These logic games are excellent cognitive stimulant.

Answer: Below is the missing number in the series

Above all, this challenge requires a good deal of concentration to be solved in time. You also need to restructure your thoughts before performing this type of test. Especially if you have had difficulties with math or arithmetic before.

Let’s check if your answer is correct. According to our experts, the result of this puzzle is 42. All you have to do is multiply each number clockwise by 2 and add by 2. In other words, you had to find (20 × 2) + 2 = 42.

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This operation is rather delicate and complex. We congratulate you if you are among those who have been able to solve it. You are very smart and insightful.

However, if you did not succeed this time, we encourage you to always try this type of test. They are excellent ways to stimulate cognitive development. And the only way to do that is to practice regularly.

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