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Concentration test: Prove you’re a genius. Solve equations with fast food in record time!

Mettez votre cerveau à l’épreuve avec ce défi mathématique ludique !

If you don’t like math much, we’ve found a way for you to still have fun with numbers: math puzzles! Indeed, with this IQ test you can test your concentration and logic skills with fun math puzzles.

Visual test: “Find the value of the unknowns in the equations.”

This math observation and logic test lets you know your intelligence level and how quickly your mind analyzes a problem with numbers.

In addition to being fun, this intelligence test gives you an effective way to stimulate your brain! There is nothing more entertaining for your free time. Are you ready? Here’s what you need to solve today.

In the picture below, you have four equations whose unknowns are fast food. Your goal is to find the value of the pizza with one less slice. Can you do it? To win, you need to concentrate as much as possible, because this IQ test is not as easy as it looks.

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You can start your stopwatch to measure how fast your brain manages to solve this brain challenge.

IQ test: the right answer

Below, we reveal the correct answer to this mathematical puzzle and how to achieve it with the right mathematical reasoning.

The solution

The value of the pizza with one less slice is 10. Here’s how to solve this IQ test.

The first equation gives you the value of a juice: 18 = the sum of 3 juices, so 6 + 6 + 6 = 18, so the value of a juice = 6

The second equation leads to the value of the burger: 12 = 2 burger + one juice = 2 (value of the burger) + 6. You then get burger = 3 such that: 6 + 3 + 3 = 12.

The third equation gives you the value of the fries: 11 = burger + 4 fries = 3 + 2 (value of the fries), so 2 fries = 4 and a box of fries = 2.

Finally, with the last equation, you get the value of a whole pizza as follows:

6 + 3 x 2 = 12.

But since we’re looking for the value of a pizza with one less slice, you then subtract the value of one slice of pizza which is 12 / 6 = 2, because there are 6 slices in all. So the answer is 10.

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If you passed this IQ test, congratulations! You are truly an intelligent person. You are also observant and perceptive.

If you failed, don’t worry. You just need more brain training.

Feel free to share this intelligence test with your friends and family and visit our site for more math challenges!

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