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Easy visual test: You can pass this test in 10 seconds. Find the duplicates!

In this image, two objects come up twice, and you have to find them. The image is composed of different visual elements. To pass this test, you will have to use all your visual abilities.

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Where to find the two similar elements?

This test is a hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age. It is a fun and challenging way to have fun while working on your skills. In this context, your visual skills will be particularly challenged.

It’s a great opportunity to test your ability to observe, analyze, and spot details. By playing this test, you develop your ability to analyze subtle differences and develop your observation skills. This can have a positive impact on your concentration, visual memory, and mental agility.

If you have children, don’t hesitate to have them play this visual exercise. Not only will it keep them entertained, but it will also help improve their cognitive skills. Children need different ways of stimulation to develop their minds and encourage learning.

How to find similar objects?

To find similar objects in this visual game, it is essential to take a methodical approach. First, make sure you are focused by choosing a quiet room where you can concentrate on the exercise.

Once you are ready, take the time to analyze the image as a whole. Zoom in if necessary to get a better look. Try to visualize details and patterns that quickly become similar.

Then go through each object one by one, taking care to examine them carefully. Pay attention to the differences and similarities between objects. Sometimes there may be traps to fool you, so stay alert. Don’t let haste lead you to make mistakes.

Remember, however, that you have limited time. So search quickly, but accurately. You only have 10 seconds to complete the challenge.


Found similar objects? Congratulations! If not, don’t worry. For those who don’t have the answer, the objects to find were the beds. This game wasn’t so hard after all.

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