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How to clean the dishwasher filter, at what intervals and which products to use?

Find out how to clean your dishwasher filter with household products and how often. Also learn some home tips for perfect maintenance and optimal results.

You have a dishwasher and you want to keep it in good condition? Then it is important to clean the filter regularly, and to know the right products to prevent it from getting dirty.

In this article, we give you home-made tips on how to clean the dishwasher filter, how often and which products to use.

steps for cleaning the dishwasher filter

The first step in cleaning your dishwasher filter is to remove it. To do this, start by opening the bottom panel and finding the filter.

Once you have located it, unscrew the bottom part of the filter and remove it. Be careful, this operation requires some precaution and must be done quickly to avoid any risk of burning.

Next, take a damp sponge and clean the filter inside and out. If necessary, you can add a little dishwashing liquid to remove stubborn stains and make your filter look like new.

How often should I clean it?

It is important to clean your dishwasher filter regularly. You should clean it at least once a month.

Indeed, it contributes to the maintenance of your dishwasher and will allow you to avoid bad odors and deposits that accumulate. Moreover, by cleaning it regularly, you will avoid that pieces of food get lodged in the pump and the pipes.

This can cause malfunctions and bad odors. It is therefore advisable to check regularly that the filter is clean and in good condition.

What products should I use for cleaning?

When cleaning the filter of your dishwasher, it is important to use suitable products. For this, it is advisable to use a product specially designed for dishwashers.

In addition, there are natural products based on white vinegar and baking soda that can ensure a very effective cleaning. However, it is advisable to avoid products that are too aggressive and could damage the filter and plastic parts of the dishwasher.

You can also use alternative solutions to clean the filter. These include:

  • warm water and soap
  • a mixture of water and lemon juice
  • white vinegar and water
  • a mixture of water and baking soda

It is important to note that these solutions can be useful for spot cleaning the filter, but are not as effective as a product specifically designed for dishwashers.

Practical tips for optimal dishwasher maintenance

Frequent and proper maintenance is essential to ensure good performance and long life for your dishwasher.

Particular attention should be paid to certain elements, such as the filter, which is the main culprit in the quality of the wash and the consumption of water and energy.

It is therefore recommended to clean the filter at least once a month. To do this, you should remove the filter and rinse it thoroughly under hot running water to remove all food debris. You can also use a specific cleaning product for this type of device.

At the same time, don’t forget to check and, if necessary, replace the rotating arms of dishwashers. These simple tips will help you keep your dishwasher in good working order.

In conclusion, it is important to clean your dishwasher’s filter regularly and to use the right products. This step will not only ensure optimal hygiene but also maximum performance. We therefore advise you to clean your filter every month by following the homemade tips we have given you.

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