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IQ Test: Find the answer to this riddle in less than 8 seconds

Exercise your brain with this puzzle game while testing your IQ level.

This IQ test is the perfect pastime to give yourself a fun time while exercising your brain. Today’s challenge is a mathematical riddle that you must solve in no more than 8 seconds.

Presentation of the mathematical puzzle

The test is presented in the form of a mathematical equation represented by flowers of different colors. Your goal is to find the value of each flower, including flowers with orange petals, pink petals, and blue petals.


To do this, you must find the correct answer in less than 8 seconds. You can bring a stopwatch, pencil, and paper if you want.

This math puzzle has the advantage of entertaining you while exercising your brain. It helps sharpen your cognitive skills, which are essential for all daily activities.

Solving this puzzle will improve your problem-solving skills and your memory. You will have gained creativity and concentration. Therefore, you can solve this type of puzzle regularly to get the maximum benefit.

The answer to the IQ test

Did you find the answer to the puzzle in time? If so, congratulations, you have an impressive ability to reason. If you didn’t manage to find the right answer, you can always practice with other riddles.

Here is the explanation of this mathematical puzzle:

  • First equation: the addition of three flowers with orange petals is equal to 45. Thus, the value of a flower with orange petals is 15. By replacing the flowers with their value! 15 + 15 + 15 = 45.
  • Second equation: the addition of two flowers with orange petals with one flower with pink petals is equal to 40. Thus, the value of a pink-petaled flower is 10. Replacing the pink flower with its value: 15 + 15 + 10 = 40.
  • Third equation: a flower with pink petals multiplied by a flower with blue petals is equal to 30. Thus, the value of a flower with blue petals is 3. Replacing the green flower with its value: 10 x 3 = 30.
  • Fourth equation: a pink flower added to a red flower multiplied by a green flower. Replacing by the values of each flower: 10 + 15 x 3 =?

The answer to this riddle is therefore 55. Indeed:

15 x 3 = 45,
10 + 45 = 55.


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