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IQ Test: Find the values of each flower to solve this math puzzle. Can you do it in 25 seconds?

Explore math in a different and much more fun way with this IQ test!

Solve the math puzzle we’ve prepared for you today to prove that you have a high IQ. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a math expert to pass this intelligence test. Instead, demonstrate your basic logic and computation skills. Are you up to the challenge?

IQ Test: “What are the values associated with each flower?”

Below you have three equations with flowers. The goal of this IQ test is to find the value of the orange flower. However, it is logical that in order to do this, you must first find each of the values of the other flowers.


To solve this mathematical challenge, you only have 25 seconds. Will you be able to meet this time limit? Prove it!

IQ test: the right answer

Now that the 25 seconds are up, it’s time for us to reveal the correct answers. You can then compare your answers and deduce from your calculation and logic skills.

Below is the solution to this math puzzle.

The Solution

Here are the flower values you had to determine before identifying the orange flower:

The pink flower has a value of 6 and the blue flower is worth 4. You get these values with the first equation: 6 x 4 = 24.
The second equation gives you the value of the orange flower as 48 = 6 x 8. So it is worth 8.
The last equation then gives : 4 x 8 = 32.

Therefore, the orange flower has a value of 8.


If you managed to find this correct answer, congratulations! This means that you are very good at arithmetic and deduction. In addition, you have an undeniable speed of thought. If you didn’t get the right answer, don’t worry. Perhaps you needed more time to concentrate or you still need to improve your numerical logic skills.

Did you enjoy working with numbers and math in this way? You can make it a little ritual to stimulate your neurons regularly.

If you want to solve other IQ tests like this, you can visit our site. Don’t hesitate to share the challenges you solve with your friends and family!

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