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Math Test: Can you determine the value of each object in less than 60 seconds?

These objects have a numerical value, we must find them!

You have to find out how much the dog and the fish correspond in today’s math test. An unusual fact brings these two animals together, it is the story of a bulldog who made friends with black bass in a pond in Las Vegas.

They liked each other at first sight and every day, the dog takes his master to this pond so that he can see his friend. An unusual story that proves that animals do have feelings.

How much do the fish and the dog correspond to?

This test is absolutely simple for adults, but it is a little more complicated for the youngest. Therefore, it is dedicated to children.

If you have a child in elementary school and are looking to improve his or her math skills, give him or her a call. By playing this test, your children will have the opportunity to strengthen their math skills and perhaps gain a greater appreciation for the subject.


If they get it right, they will be able to solve problems, analyze better and think further. This game is also a fun and effective learning opportunity for them to become more proficient in math.

How do I solve this puzzle?

In order for your child to pass this test, it is important to give them the time they need to solve this puzzle on their own. However, you can guide him by providing guidance or a little support if needed. They can also use notes and a pencil. Also, the use of a calculator can be useful to go faster.

However, it is essential that your child remains focused throughout the puzzle. Since time is limited to 60 seconds, every second counts and your child must be able to work quickly to find the answer in time. We’ll let you turn on your stopwatch and get to work! The solution to this test

The fish is worth 30, the dog is worth 10.

Did your child get the right answer? Congratulations, he’s good at math and you should be proud of him. If not, we dare to hope that you have the answer. If not, here are the operations you had to find.

First line: 30 + 30 + 10 = 70

Second line: (30 + 30) – 10 = 50

Last line: 30 x 10 = 300


The catch to this puzzle is that you had to count the fish x 2 in the second line.

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