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Math test: Can you find the solution to this 3-step operation?

If you find the solution, you know your math basics!

In today’s test, you’ll face a math problem. Did you know that many mathematical symbols were not invented until the 16th century?

Indeed, before their creation, equations were written with words. This method was not very efficient, and mathematicians were often slow to solve them. Fortunately, thanks to signs, the subject was able to develop and become popular.

How do I find the answer to this calculation?

Solving this math problem isn’t very complicated. You do, however, need to be strategic. When faced with a mathematical equation, you need to proceed methodically, step by step. The first step is to read and understand the request. Once you know what you’re up against, you need to implement the operations that will lead to the solution.

Today’s test is fairly straightforward, with no unknown x to find or complex formula to use. However, you do need to know the basics and not make any mistakes from the very first operations. After all, maths is an exact science, and the slightest error has an impact on the final result.

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So there’s no room for error. With a little method and patience, it’s easy to find the answer. The most ingenious can find the answer in less than 30 seconds, but what about you?

How do you find the right answer?

To solve this mathematical puzzle, you need to follow some basic mathematical rules. Then you have to select the right formulas or operations.

In this case, there are two ways to find the answer to this puzzle. The first, and simplest, requires the use of three forms of operation.

In addition, 3 steps are required to arrive at the final solution. The second can be more instinctive, and all you need to do is rely on your mathematical logic and mental arithmetic skills.
Here’s the easiest way to find the answer to this operation. Use the rules of mathematical priority, also known as the rules of order of operations. According to these rules, parentheses should be solved first, then multiplication or division, and finally addition or subtraction.

The solution to this test

Have you found the solution to this test, which is 9? Congratulations! For those who don’t have the answer, here are the explanations.

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