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Only a really smart person can solve this mathematical puzzle. Do you think you can do it?

If you wanted to test your reasoning skills, then this is the perfect puzzle for you.

If you like logic tests that test your logical thinking, or if you like numbers and math, then this puzzle is for you.

Today we’re going to give you a chance to solve this little math problem that will not only be fun but will also help you discover how smart you are. Concentrate, it’s time to start the puzzle.

A math puzzle? Here’s what we want you to do.

For this puzzle, we’ll present you with a picture with three operations on it. The result of each operation will be shown in the picture.

However, the operation will be between squares, triangles, and hearts, and the first two results will be numbers. To pass this test, you will have to find the value of a square, a triangle, and a heart using the values already given to you in the image.

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Here’s a hint: to get it right, you’ll need to use all your math skills. How quickly you succeed will also help determine how logical and intelligent you are.

What are the benefits of puzzle-solving?

First and foremost, riddles and puzzles are a great way to have fun and relax. Indeed, although they make you think, they are mostly like little games that allow you to pass the time and relax for a few minutes.

Secondly, this kind of challenge is very useful for improving intellectual abilities, such as observation, logic, and analytical skills, since it is a very fun exercise.

Finally, puzzles help to reduce stress levels, rectify concentration problems and avoid early memory loss.

It’s time to finish this puzzle. What are your answers?

A square represented the number 10, the heart represented a 2 and the triangle replaced the number 1.

Congratulations to those who found the correct answers. Your sense of logic is very impressive.

We will now explain everything to all the people who did not manage to find the right answers.

To solve this puzzle, we had to start by finding the value of the square.

To do this, all you had to do was divide the result of the first operation by 2. Once this first value was obtained, it was important to remember, in order to find the right answers, that in an operation, multiplication always comes first.

Using this rule, it was easy to find all the values. But to help you understand better, here is the solution in pictures.

Don’t hesitate to share this puzzle or your results on your different social networks so that your friends can try it.

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