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Our tips for a more economical and sustainable washing machine!

Learn how to maintain and improve your washing machine with our effective and simple tips: opt for lower consumption and improved durability.

Do you have a washing machine and want it to be more energy efficient and durable? We have some tips to help you keep it in good condition and ensure that you get optimal results while reducing your energy consumption and bill.

In this article, we’ll share our tips to help you properly maintain your washing machine and save money.

Use the right cleaning products

The use of appropriate cleaning products is essential to ensure the proper functioning of a washing machine. These products must be chosen according to the type of laundry, its color, and its composition.

Indeed, some products are too aggressive and can damage the fabric. It is therefore important to check the instructions for use before using them. In addition, it is advisable to use ecological or organic products to reduce the impact on the environment.

Clean the filter regularly

It is important to clean the filter of your washing machine regularly. Indeed, it is an essential element to maintain the good condition and the optimal functioning of your machine.

If you don’t maintain it, you risk observing a bad evacuation of wastewater and a bad quality of washing. To remedy this, you should clean the filter regularly.

Use suitable cleaning products, then rinse the part thoroughly with clean water and dry it before putting it back in place. This process should be repeated every three months or so for optimum efficiency.

Choose the right program for your needs

It is important to choose the right washing program for your laundry load and its dirtiness. You will need to adapt the program to the types of fabrics to be cleaned and their level of soiling.

The most commonly proposed programs are :

  • Cotton: this is the longest program but also the most effective for cotton or linen clothes.
  • Synthetics: This program takes less time than the previous one and is suitable for synthetic fabrics.
  • Wool: This program softens and protects wool garments.
  • Delicates/Silk: This program is designed to clean and protect delicate fabrics and silk.
  • Quick: This is a very short program, suitable for small, lightly soiled loads.
  • Prewash: This program allows you to prewash before a full cycle to treat stubborn stains.

Depending on the options of your washing machine, other programs can be proposed. It is sometimes possible to customize certain cycles, especially to obtain a particular temperature or spin speed.

Set water and energy consumption correctly

Energy efficiency is one of the main factors to consider when managing your washing machine. To this end, manufacturers offer several technologies, such as automatic detergent dosing, to reduce water and energy consumption.

It is possible to adjust the water level and the washing intensity to adapt the cycle to the load and the dirt. In addition, some machines are equipped with sensors that automatically adjust the settings according to the weight of the laundry.

This feature can result in substantial savings on the water and electricity bills. However, it is important to regularly check that the selected cycle is suitable for the textiles, as washing too intensively can damage some fabrics.

In conclusion, we have seen that following the home tips given is a great way to make our washing machines more economical and sustainable.

This allows us to use our appliances longer and consume less energy. Finally, we can reduce our ecological footprint while saving money.

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