Math test: Can you find the solution to this operation?

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In this test, we offer you a new mathematical equation to solve. Speaking of mathematics, did you know that zero was the last number created? Indeed, while it may seem obvious today, this number took a long time to appear. It was a revolutionary invention at the time, and to this day, without it, mathematics … Read more

Math test: Can you find the solution to this 3-step operation?

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In today’s test, you’ll face a math problem. Did you know that many mathematical symbols were not invented until the 16th century? Indeed, before their creation, equations were written with words. This method was not very efficient, and mathematicians were often slow to solve them. Fortunately, thanks to signs, the subject was able to develop … Read more

IQ Test: Find the answer to this riddle in less than 8 seconds


This IQ test is the perfect pastime to give yourself a fun time while exercising your brain. Today’s challenge is a mathematical riddle that you must solve in no more than 8 seconds. Presentation of the mathematical puzzle The test is presented in the form of a mathematical equation represented by flowers of different colors. … Read more

IQ test: it is possible to make the equation right by moving two matches. Can you find the solution in less than 30 seconds?

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The world of IQ tests and puzzles is very diverse and exciting. Puzzles, for example, are designed to stimulate your brain and help you test your limits. Today, we’re going to tackle one particular challenge that will require maximum concentration and focus to solve. Our starting equation is 12-5=-1. However, this equation is wrong. The … Read more

IQ Test: Solve this puzzle in 30 seconds if you can. Let’s see how perceptive you are!

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IQ tests are an effective way to measure your intelligence quotient. These fun games stimulate your intelligence through challenges that test your observation skills, speed of thought, analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. Try to solve today’s IQ test and prove that you are mathematically intelligent and insightful. IQ Test: “What is the value of the … Read more

Math Challenge: Find the missing number in less than 30 seconds

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Math puzzles are popular because they are entertaining and challenging. They test your observation skills, your mind and your creativity. By testing your skills, these puzzles allow you to learn more about yourself and your way of thinking. Introduction to the Math Puzzle Today’s challenge is a great way to find out if you are … Read more