IQ test: this mathematical challenge is for geniuses only. Few people are able to find the solution in less than 30 seconds!

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What’s the puzzle of the day? A simple mathematical equation that seems incorrect: 9+5=5. But it’s not a typo, it’s a challenge. You’ve got 30 seconds to solve the puzzle. IQ tests and puzzles have been very popular for decades and are considered a way of testing a person’s mental abilities. Whatever the difficulty of … Read more

Personality test: what you see first reveals how you deal with your emotions

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Personality tests are very useful tools for understanding how a person perceives the world. They can help people get to know themselves better, find answers to personal questions and identify a person’s strengths and weaknesses. Personality tests are often used for recruitment, clinical diagnosis, and career guidance. This test is a very practical tool that … Read more

The Secret to Cleaning Your Visual Test: 4 different pencils are hidden in this picture. Find them in 25 seconds! Carpeting Made Easy.


In today’s test, 4 pencils are different from the others, you have to find them. Did you know how many pencils are sold each year? The answer is 15 billion. Knowing that one tree can produce 50,000 to 70,000 pencils, that’s almost 300,000 trees destroyed. A figure that can be alarming! But let’s focus on … Read more

Personality test: What you see first reveals your inner strength!

Personality tests have become very popular in recent years. Indeed, they can provide us with an overview of ourselves and help us better understand our inner strength. Tests such as this one can be particularly useful in exploring our psyche and exploring the deeper characteristics that shape our personality. It is important to remember that … Read more

Visual challenge: Do you have developed vision? Then find the 2 pairs of masks that are different from the others in 15 seconds!


Do you want to measure your brain speed and test how sharp your observation skills are? Then the visual test below is for you! It’s a fun visual game, but one that tests your thinking skills, visual power, and processing and analysis speed. There is nothing better to test yourself and train! Do you think … Read more

Visual Challenge: Find the two coffee makers that don’t look like the others in the shortest time possible!

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There are different kinds of exercises that can significantly improve your visual performance. Today, we offer you a more playful method to stimulate your eyesight and your mind. This is a fun visual challenge, a visual test that will help you test your observation skills while helping you to strengthen your concentration and develop your … Read more

Visual test: Two hourglasses are different from the others. It’s up to you to find them in 60 seconds.

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You have to be very careful to find the empty hourglasses in this picture. Did you know that hourglasses, which are nowadays decorative elements, had a really useful role? Indeed, the purpose of their creation was to measure time. Although their creation date is not precisely known, they took the place of the water clock. … Read more

Personality test: are you a courageous person? The first thing you see will reveal a hidden character trait

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Personality tests are a fun and useful way to learn more about yourself and others. They can help you better understand your personality and how you interact with the world around you. And here’s a unique personality test that will reveal a hidden character trait: Are you a courageous person? This test doesn’t require complicated … Read more