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This puzzle is going to be a challenge. Are you ready to give it a try?

Cette énigme va donner du fil à retordre. Etes-vous quand même prêts à tenter le coup ?

If you like challenges, then this puzzle is for you. Indeed, we offer you a little puzzle that will allow you to evaluate your intellectual skills while having fun.

Not only will you know if you are smart, but you will also stimulate your brain without putting pressure on yourself. Start as soon as you feel ready.

What do you need to do to solve this puzzle?

For this challenge, we’ve provided you with a picture of three crazy operations.

In fact, each operation is made up of pictures, numbers, and figures.

First, the sum of two cameras gives the number 8. Next, the sum of the sneakers and a hat equals the number 12; and finally, the sum of two cameras with two hats on them gives the number 20.

Your goal is to find the value of one camera, one hat, and one sneaker. To do this, you have to do some calculations. The faster you find the answers, the smarter you will be considered.

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Why take on this kind of challenge?

It is very important to take care of your brain. How? Riddles and puzzles are great for keeping your mind sharp and healthy.

In fact, fun challenges, like the one we’ve provided today, are great ways to exercise your brain and improve your cognitive abilities without getting too tired.

Thus, trying to solve a puzzle allows you to optimize your time and energy to make your performance better.

A small point that is important: this kind of puzzle will stimulate your brain in a positive way. Therefore, you will take a few moments during the day to relax while practicing.

It’s time to give your answers!

The camera represented 4, the hat 6, and the basketball 3. Our sincere congratulations to those who managed to figure it out, your insight is breathtaking.

For those who couldn’t figure it out, don’t worry. We’ll explain it all to you.

To solve this puzzle, you had to start by finding the value of the camera, because if two cameras are worth 8, then one camera is equal to half, or 4.

Then, we had to move immediately to the operation with the sneakers and hats. Knowing that two cameras are equal to 8 and that two cameras added to two hats gives the number 20, this means that the two hats are worth the number 12, which is 6 the value of a single dog.

Having the value of one camera and the value of one hat, we just had to do a little calculation to find the value of the basket. Here is the solution in pictures to help you understand better.

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