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Visual challenge: Do you have developed vision? Then find the 2 pairs of masks that are different from the others in 15 seconds!

Solve this visual puzzle in 15 seconds to prove your observation skills!

Do you want to measure your brain speed and test how sharp your observation skills are? Then the visual test below is for you! It’s a fun visual game, but one that tests your thinking skills, visual power, and processing and analysis speed. There is nothing better to test yourself and train! Do you think you can complete this challenge in the allotted time? Prove it!

Visual test: “Which pairs do not follow the rule in this image?”

In the next image, you have a series of pairs of masks. Each pair consists of a mask with a smiling expression and a mask with a sad face. At first glance, it appears that all pairs follow this formation. Sharp eyes and good observers, however, will be able to spot two pairs that do not look like the others in this picture.


Indeed, while all the other doubles have a happy face and a sad face, two of them express the same emotion.

So, have you guessed your mission? It’s to find those two pairs that stand out. And to do this, you have 15 seconds of time!

IQ test: the answers

This visual puzzle is a great observation test, isn’t it? It requires a lot of patience and attention despite the fact that it is necessary to find the two identical pairs in a very short time. The fact that the masks are all the same color makes the challenge even more difficult.

So, did you manage to find the two famous masks that stand out from all the others in less than 15 seconds? If so, that means you’re a meticulous person with eagle eyes and an undeniable speed of thought!

If you failed, don’t worry, it just means that you need to stimulate your eyes and brain even more in order to cope better with tests like this. Practice with our visual challenges available on our site to improve your visual skills, strengthen your concentration and learn to use your brain faster.

You can find the solution to today’s puzzle below!

The solution

The two pairs of masks consisting of two identical emotions are circled in the following image. The first pair is in the middle of the 2nd row and the second pair is in the 8th row.


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