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Visual Enigma: Test your eyesight by finding the objects hidden in the picture.

Check if you have a developed vision by finding 3 characters hidden in the picture in 20 seconds!

Here is a visual test that will entertain you while measuring your observation skills and visual acuity. Get ready to solve one of the most difficult visual challenges of the moment according to all those who have faced it.

If you are able to give your full attention to a task, if you are meticulous, and if you have good concentration, take this test because it is made for you!

Visual Test: “Where are the robot, the pirate, and the skeleton in the picture?”

The following image represents an illustration of small figurines. Arranged in series, your eyes can quickly get lost in this sequence of identical characters.


In the first few seconds of your observation, nothing leads you to believe that there are intruders hidden in this image. And yet, believe it or not, 3 characters have indeed slipped in.

You then have 20 seconds to try to spot them. They are a robot, a pirate, and a skeleton. This challenge is not at all easy.

You have to give your full attention and stay focused in order to maybe find the intruders. If you have good observation skills, you should succeed within the time limit.

Are you ready? Now it’s your turn!

IQ test: the answers

If you managed to find the 3 characters before the end of the 20 seconds, it means that you have a highly developed sense of observation, a high visual acuity, and obviously, an invaluable potential for concentration which, surely, are very beneficial to you in your daily life.

If you have encountered difficulties in solving this visual challenge and have failed to find the 3 figures of robot, pirate, and skeleton, don’t be discouraged.

Few people manage to solve this visual puzzle in time. We encourage you to sharpen your sense of observation and detail with our other visual challenges. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to find them.

You have nothing to lose. On the contrary, you have everything to gain: an active brain, creative potential, a more developed concentration, and especially, boosted visual skills! You will also see how much your thinking speed will improve!

While you’re waiting to resume the visual exercises, don’t forget to share this visual puzzle with your friends and family.

The Solution

You can see in the image below the location of the 3 characters you had to spot to pass today’s visual challenge. The robot is in the upper part of the image, the skeleton is in the center and the pirate is in the lower area.


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