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Visual Riddle: Are you careful enough to spot the one sun that is different from the others in this picture?

Test your logic and visual acuity to see if you are a meticulous person.

If you’re thorough, you’ll pass this visual challenge quickly and with flying colors. Indeed, meticulous people should be able to pay enough attention to the next image to not miss any details and solve the visual puzzle. Are you up to the challenge?

Visual Test: “Which of these suns is different from the others?”

In today’s visual test, you will be confronted with the sunlight! Indeed, the following image is composed of 8 lines of suns. But don’t let yourself be dazzled for too long, because you only have a short time to solve the riddle that emerges from this image.

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You only have 15 seconds to answer this question: “Which of these suns is unlike any other? If you take a quick look, all of these suns look identical but think again. There is one that stands out. It’s up to you to find it without going over the time limit!

Are you ready? Play 3, 2, 1!

IQ test: the right answer

Did you know that few people managed to solve this visual challenge in time? Indeed, only those who were able to concentrate to the maximum and pay full attention to the details of each sun succeeded. So, if you have spotted a sun that is different from the others, you join this team of winners. And you can be proud of your meticulous personality.

On the other hand, if you didn’t find the sun in question in the allotted time, it means one, that you weren’t focused enough, and two, that you need to improve your observation skills.

Fortunately, you can practice with our IQ tests. On our site, you will find fun and effective visual challenges to stimulate your eyes on a regular basis.

Want to know the answer to today’s visual puzzle? We’ll reveal it to you below.

The solution

In fact, the sun you need to identify is located in the fifth row of suns and in second place from the right. If you look closely, you will see that it is the only sun with a missing triangle.

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Don’t forget to challenge your friends and family with this fun visual challenge.

Tell them how this IQ test has helped you boost your cognitive skills and stay active even in your spare time.

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