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Visual test: 4 octopuses are different from the others. Can you find them in 15 seconds?

Are you methodical enough to find the octopuses that are different from the others? Try this test!

In this picture, 4 octopuses are different from the others. About this animal, did you know that it has 9 brains? Indeed, the octopus has a central brain and each arm has its own nervous system.

This allows it to move its eight arms independently to move forward or to search for prey. Let’s play and try to find the 4 different octopuses.


Where are the different octopuses?

To pass this test, it is essential to concentrate fully on the details. You must use all your visual abilities, your sense of observation, and especially your analytical skills. Concentration also plays a key role in the success of this test.

To maximize your chances, it is recommended to put yourself in a quiet room and isolate yourself from distractions.

Find a place where you can fully concentrate on the image. Make sure you are calm and relaxed before you begin. This game is actually a great way to relax and enjoy some alone time. By being alone, you can better immerse yourself in the exercise and give it your best shot. So get ready and take this visual test.

How do I find the octopuses?

Finding the different octopuses requires observation and a methodical approach. An organized approach is, in fact, essential to finding the different octopuses among the others.

Start by looking at the picture as a whole to become familiar with the different octopuses present.

Move closer to each octopus and look at the smallest details. Compare the different octopuses. If you have trouble spotting the differences, try changing your angle of view.

Sometimes by looking at the image from a new angle or by stepping back, the differences become more obvious. You can also try zooming in on the image to examine each detail more closely. Do this by process of elimination, and that way you can focus on the remaining octopuses.


Congratulations if you managed to find all 4 octopuses! They were not easy to find. By passing this visual test, you have strengthened your observation and visual attention skills.

Regular practice of this type of exercise can improve your skills, which can be beneficial in everyday life. If you have not been able to find the 4 octopuses, do not be discouraged.

Keep practicing this type of exercise and you will see positive results fairly quickly. Remember: perseverance is essential to progress. For those who have not seen the 4 octopuses, we give you the answer in pictures.


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