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Visual test: Two hourglasses are different from the others. It’s up to you to find them in 60 seconds.

In this picture, two hourglasses do not contain any sand. Are you observant enough to spot them?

You have to be very careful to find the empty hourglasses in this picture. Did you know that hourglasses, which are nowadays decorative elements, had a really useful role?

Indeed, the purpose of their creation was to measure time. Although their creation date is not precisely known, they took the place of the water clock.

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Find two empty hourglasses

The “find the intruders” game is a classic visual test. It has been around for a long time and continues to fascinate entire generations.

Moreover, it is fun and easy to play, it does not require any special skills. However, you will have to use your visual abilities and keep your eyes open.

If you have a few seconds of your time and want to relax, this is the ideal game.

The rules are simple, you just have to find the hourglasses that are different from the others. But be careful, you only have 60 seconds to find them!

The game is also a great way to get together with family and friends and have fun. So, feel free to try this visual test and test everyone’s skills to see who is the best at this type of game, before the time runs out.

How to find the two empty hourglasses in this picture?

To find the two empty hourglasses in this image, it’s important to get an overall view of the image and zoom in if necessary. Quickly go through and inspect the contents of each hourglass.

Keep in mind that two hourglasses are empty and contain nothing, so don’t waste time looking for grains of sand in the full ones.

Look closely at each hourglass and try to detect the differences. Maybe the hourglasses in question are in the middle of the image or at the corners? You can also focus on the colors or patterns on the hourglasses. Be quick and methodical in your analysis, as you only have 60 seconds to find the two intruders.


The hourglasses may seem difficult to spot at first, but with a little concentration and keen eyesight, they can be found quickly. If you were able to find them in the allotted time, then congratulations!

If you didn’t manage to find them, don’t be discouraged, we’ll give you the answer in pictures.

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